Cannonball Combat Released!

Cannonball Combat

It’s time to blast through your enemies with Cannonball Combat!

A faster paced game which has you go one-on-one against other ships in the hopes of taken them down before they get the chance to do the same to you.

With 10 different maps and 3 different difficulty levels to master; can you conquer the seven seas?

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Seven Nights at Chubby’s Released!

Do you enjoy Five Nights at Freddy’s? Then Seven Nights at Chubby’s is for you!

This is an older game of mine which has finally gotten a public release. Seeing as my ability to draw has always been limited I decided to make a parody of the popular horror series earlier this year. Mixing 2D enemies with 3D environments, this game is surely crazy!

With 7 different nights and even a custom night feature to play with; Will you be able to survive this laughably horrifying world?

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Maze Racer Released!

Maze Racer

Yes that’s right; the very first game of the website is out! Maze Racer is now available for download.

This is a simple game inspired by games such as Temple Run with various unlockables and simple to pick up game play.

With 8 unlockable characters and 50 different rooms to run through; how will you do against the endless maze?

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